The importance of a from name

A recent study suggests that a majority of email users look at the sender name and address before deciding whether or not to open the email. If they recognise the sender name they’re more likely to open the campaign, however if they don’t, they’re likely to delete the email or mark it as spam.

Your decision to open an email can be based on various factors but the most important one is recognition and credibility. If your clients recognise your sender name and have an association with this, then they’re more likely to open the email.

You have the choice of using your company, brand or product name as the sender, or you may choose to use a real name as an alternative. E.g. one email might be able to use any of these:
Excel User Centre
Bill Gates

Most companies use their company or brand name, because a real person’s name carries more risk, however some may use a real name when it has some kind of relevance to the recipient. I.e. the real name could be a popular personality within that company or the recipient’s account manager.

If you do choose to use a personal sender name, the content in your email campaign needs to reflect this. I.e. the email needs to have some sort of connection. Alternatively, you can put you company or brand name in the subject line, and use your personal name in the from line:

Bill Gates Microsoft Excel User Tips

Unless you are Jamie Oliver or Oprah Winfrey you’re likely to be best to use your company name. We’d recommend you do some testing though to see what works best for your audience – many SmartMail clients have improved their campaign metrics with testing, and we’re always happy to discuss this with you so you are welcome to call the office on 64 9 360 6463.