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Every day you face a multi fold challenge in finding the time, the budget and the staffing resources to apply best practice email marketing practices. The big question is how to send hundreds, or thousands of emails, and still manage to ensure they are timely and relevant, and provide the ROI you are looking for?

The answer is to automate! Automated, or triggered, emails are the highest performing type of emails. How do they work exactly? Unlike traditional broadcast emails, such as the monthly email newsletter, these emails involve setting up criteria that when met, a message is automatically sent. They are usually always action based,  which means the driving force behind these emails are around the subscribers behaviours, interests, demographics and buying behaviour.

So incorporating such individual criteria into your triggered emails gives you benefits such as:

Increased relevance – the emails directly reflect the interests or actions of the subscriber, making them inherently relevant and timely for that individual. By providing extra value on an individual level you drive up engagement and open rates because your customers start to look forward to your emails for the valuable content.

Increased frequency
- they are triggered every time someone takes an action they are more frequent than your once a week newsletter, and as the subscriber may not enjoy getting the newsletter every day, they will be happy to receive an email relating to their recent purchase, and their upcoming birthday, two days in a row, because it’s personalised to them and means more.

Increased ROI, and more time for your staff, because everything is automated!

So really it’s not surprising that these automated emails, which are so perfectly timely and relevant, have the highest engagement rates, and they deliver a much better ROI than your usual emails.  And did you know birthday emails have even higher engagement rates than all other types of triggered emails – making triggered birthday emails the most effective of all.

So what sort of triggered/ automated emails should you be sending? We list the TOP 5 below with links to blog posts on each which include all the key information you need to know:

Welcome/on-boarding emails

Cart Abandonment emails

Re-engagement Emails

Reminders or re-order emails

Birthday emails

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Even though it’s likely you are still focusing on your Christmas ‘recovery’ and easing back to work, it’s never too early to think about your 2013 email marketing program.

For some this year might be about reviewing your budget and allocating more resources towards your email communications program in order to set in place the best of the basics.  If you are already more established and ‘mature’  in your approach to email then you are continually reviewing your email communications program and are evaluating it to see how you can enhance what you’re doing.

Either way if you really want to power up your email marketing, below are some of the biggest shifts and trends at the moment that you should now seriously be thinking about how you could make this work better for you.

1. From mobile optimised to mobile first
Given that most email opens now happen on mobile devices, simply optimising your email message for mobile devices is becoming more of an outdated notion. On the other hand – while optimising designs for mobile is now crucial, don’t forget that context is just as important. And a mobile first approach means that landing pages and your Web site are also designed to convert mobile readers of your email.

2. From dry to juicy
Things have changed in the way customers expect to communicate with companies and what they want from them. Gone is the notion of editing content to within an inch of its life to take out any human presence and get it past the lawyers. It’s now about taking a different approach that involves sending content that educates, informs, engages and entertains. This doesn’t mean you abandon your professional corporate speak for the ‘LOL’-speak, however it’s about balance – customers just want to know they are dealing with humans that care.

3. From 1-1001 to 1-1
Batch and Blasts (where everyone gets everything) should have died out along with the Spice Girls. So it is really time to shift to automating more parts of your email program, where the subscribers themselves determine the frequency and cadence of the emails they receive through their own purchases, check-ins, behaviour and interests. It is those smart cookies that use the data they have to deliver real-time emails with truly dynamic and personal content.

4. From welcome message to boarding program
There is a shift away from firing out a ‘welcome’ message and then dumping subscribers into your main communication feed, to gently warming them up with a series of on-boarding messages that are tailored toward new recipients.

5. From one-off to email series
Did you know cart abandonment follow up emails get the highest engagement rate of all emails? Followed by birthday series emails.  Reports show a three-part birthday or cart-abandonment series always significantly outperform a single email. We have heard of people getting average conversion rates of 22%, 15% and 24% with a three-part cart-abandonment re-marketing series. How much money would it have lost if it had stopped after the first message?

Worth thinking about…. Email or call us if you want to talk strategy and email communications planning for 2013, we are elbow deep into work with many clients already and in the coming months they will be very pleased we did!


On the weekend I went shopping at Strandbags and I signed up to be a VIP, the shop assistant registered me, and I got a VIP card. It came with instructions to activate the card online, and I thought ‘I’ll have to do that when I have some time to go online and activate it manually’ and put the card in my handbag and forgot about it.

So I was then pleasantly surprised when not an hour later, I received a triggered email on my iPhone (Because I was out and about) saying ‘Thank you for joining’ with a link to confirm. You can see this email below in the screenshot.
So I clicked the link and it took me to an online preference center, which was already loaded with all my information that the shop assistant had inputted into the system, and all I had to do was click ‘Activate membership’ at the bottom, and I was done!

I was then directed to a confirmation page which told me my activation was successful, and I thought great, that was easy, all done! You can see the excerpt of this message below.

“Dear (Name)

Card Activation Successful!
Thank you and welcome, you have now successfully joined Strandbags Loyalty Program.
To ensure you receive all the rewards and benefits you are entitled to, make sure you keep your contact details up to date and provide your Strandbags Loyalty Card or email address instore with every transaction.
You can update your contact details and check up on the rewards and benefits offered by Strandbags Loyalty Program at any time at the Loyalty Program Section of Strandbags website.
We hope you enjoy Strandbags Loyalty Program and don’t forget to check your inbox regularly for information, rewards and special offers. There may even be something there for you today!

Kind Regards
The Strandbags Team”

So I thought that was fantastic and was pleased I was signed up and activated so easily, and I carried on with my day. Within 5 minutes, I received another triggered email, saying “Thank you for activating your VIP membership, here is a 30% off voucher”! You can see this email below in the screenshot.

This triggered email series really impressed me – with both the timing and professional look of their emails, to the ease of signing up and activating the membership. And at the end of it, I was rewarded with a 30% off voucher which just further encourages me to go back and shop at the store.

Well, guess where I’ll be going shopping next! Thanks Strandbags!

In follow up to the two earlier posts (it’s not my birthday, and it is my birthday)! about the opportunity to use date fields in your database to send personal and relevant eDM’s to your clients, I am here to report that a grand total of 2 organisations have used my birthday for an email campaign.

Robin Judkins is from New Zealand, the longstanding master of the Speights Coast to Coast.  Robin’s email is personalised in great detail (click on it to see detail), focuses on the fact that birthdays are a good time to review and set goals, and he reminds me that I haven’t re-registered for my second shot at the world’s most gruelling multi-sport race.  Simple, effective, personal and appreciated.  (P.S. I’m planning for a repeat in 2012 if you’re up for it?)

Banana Republic is from the USA.

I only subscribe becuase a lot of our clients are retailers and we like to get the best form the rest to be continually able to offer tips and advice as well as examples of best practise.  I haven’t ever purchased online from them, but they clearly have a triggered date program that sent this to me.

No personalisation as such other than they sent it in November which is my birthday month, but it’s better to do something than nothing, and this is a something.

I’m sad to say none of our own clients sent a birthday campaign, automated manual or otherwise, clearly we have a lot of work to do to convince them that this is worth doing or they would be doing it, surely?

Hey retailers? Suppliers? Ecommerce websites? Professional services?  You have my birthdate on file, why not use it and see how much money you can get me to spoil myself with – it’s only once a year and you might just find out that I’m worth it.

I’m so sure this is a great opportunity that I’m happy to talk to you and get something started as soon as you are ready – let m know.

Conversely – if you don’t do birthday or anniversary eDM campaigns and you think you have a good reason why not – tell us why in the comments below, please.

Lastly – there is NO linking or promoting to Social Media going on here… when I know for a fact that most people who do know its my birthday find our via a Facebook update.  There is the perfect and relevant opportunity to wish your customers the happiest of days, and also encourage them to share the wishes with their networks, allowing you a branding opportunity that will reach as wide as their peer group does.  Now that’s bang for your buck.  For other posts about this type of sharing see SWYN, and Free Money.

I’ve got a year to get some action round these parts – how hard can it be?

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