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New Zealand mobile internet use:

*Smartphones users are in the majority in New Zealand, with more than half of all kiwis using their mobile phone to access the internet, according to government figures.   (In the 12 months up to June 2012)… the number of mobile broadband subscribers rose 34 percent, so there are now over 2.5 million mobile broadband users in New Zealand.

“We’ve seen data usage on our network roughly quadruple over the past two years,” Vodafone’s external communication manager Emma Carter said. “As more and more people move to smartphones – as almost 50 percent of our customers are now doing – they start using the internet on the move for everything from maps to Facebook to researching products and services.”

Two Degrees Mobile, the newest entrant in the mobile phone market, has continued to grab sales from bigger rivals Telecom and Vodafone New Zealand, boosting its market share to 1 million customers, or 21 percent of the country’s mobile market, in August.

Vodafone is still the biggest local carrier with 2.37 million customers.

New Zealand mobile device market share:
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Australia Market Share of mobile smartphone sales :

Market share of mobile OS for smartphone sales in Australia in 2012

**This statistic shows the market share of the leading operating systems for smartphones sales in Australia from June 2011 to October 2012. From July to October 2012, Android had a 62.2 percent share of the Australian smartphone market.  Android is far ahead, but has ceded some ground because of the iPhone 5 launch. Apple’s gain has been sharp in Australia. Windows Phone’s performance is flat indicating no impact of the launch of the Lumia 920 or other WP8 devices.

SmartCompany says: Android has claimed a dominant lead in the Australian smartphone market with a market share of 62.2%, with the platform pulling ahead of Apple.  The figures, compiled by ComTech, examined Australian smartphone market share by platform during the quarter ending October 28, 2012.  Read their whole story here.


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