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In contrast to it’s deserved place as winner of marketing channels all time great cash cows, there has always been a challenge to get email the resourcing it deserves.

Don’t they love to talk about the demise of email.   Yes, everyone is talking on social media and instant messaging each other.  Yes, inboxes are crowded, and people are filtering more.

However despite all the rumours, email remains one of the most profitable and favoured marketing channels today and will remain so for the future.

Remember anyone who wants to buy anything online, connect with any social networks, use apps, message, needs the magic key – an email address!   If you need some ammunition to justify email marketing in your company, here are the facts.

  • An impressive 77% of online consumers prefer to get permission-based marketing messages via email versus any other marketing channel, according to a recent study by ExactTarget — The 2012 Channel Preference Survey.
  • This same ExactTarget study also showed that email drives consumer purchases more than any other marketing channel.
  • The Direct Marketing Association’s Response Rate 2012 Report showed that email has the highest return on investment (ROI) compared to other marketing channels.
  • The technology marketing research firm The Radicati Group, Inc., predicts the number of email accounts will increase from about 2.9 billion in 2010 to over 3.8 billion in 2014. This compares to a current 1.1 billion Facebook users, 1.5 billion Twitter users, 175 million LinkedIn users, and more than 10 million Pinterest users.
  • Email is the top activity on smartphones and tablets, accounting for 41.6% of U.S. mobile Internet time, according to a recent Nielson survey.
  • According to the Forrester Research Email Marketing Forecast, 2011 to 2016, the amount spent on email marketing in the United States is predicted to increase from about $1.7 million to nearly $2.5 million in 2016. The use of email marketing is growing because it works.

So, email remains the most effective way to deliver your message, it’s the #1 actvity on all smartphones and tablets, it drives the most conversions and consumer purchases more than any other marketing channel, and it’s the preferred communication stream for consumers.

Here at Jericho we really can’t stress enough how beneficial an effective email marketing program is to your business.

We also know you should be enhancing your email strategies by coordinating campaigns with other channels, such as social media, mobile, advertising, direct mail, (DM) and search engine optimization (SEO) and consistently testing everything so you know that your emails are hitting the mark.


Convincing people to share your news/offers/brands with other people is most likely one of your marketing goals in 2011.  If only because extending the reach of a campaign gets you greater results for the same spend.

Combining email marketing and social media to achieve that is becoming very important – but perhaps it’s no shock that email is key; around two and half times more people share using email than social media.

A new report by AOL and published in partnership with Nielsen, proves what people share, where they share it, and why. Sharing content is the number one driver for sharing both with email and social media.

Brand plays a critical role.  If you need a reason to invest more branding budget in your email and social, here it is:  Nielsen reports that brands play a key role: 60% of all content-sharing messages specifically mention a brand or product name.  That makes sense when you see the reasons people share – they want to share trusted information.

Consumers say trust and a desire to help people are key factors in deciding which content to share:
38% share information from people they trust.
36% share important information that helps others (e.g., traffic reports, how-to, community information).
35% share items about popular culture.
32% share information pertaining to common interests.

Email is the primary content-sharing tool among surveyed consumers (66%), followed social media (28%) and instant messaging (4%). Most People Share via Multiple Platforms.  And, 99% people who share content via social media also use email to share content.   It’s a great report – you can read AOL’s release here.  And Marketing Profs dissect it more, and provide graphs here.

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About the study: Findings are based on Nielsen’s NM Incite Social Media Monitoring tools, Online Behavior Panel and Attitudinal analysis, tracking more than 10,000 social media messages; and on a survey of more than 1,000 Nielsen Online panel members for 10 consecutive days, December 14-23, 2010

Three numbers: 90; 10; 0.

90 is the percent of total time spent on an email campaign during which email marketers work on getting that campaign out the door.

10 is the percent of time spent in reporting and analysis.

And zero is the amount of time most marketers spend figuring out how to optimise a program.

I read this a few months back and it’s become a bit of a mantra here.  In fact, it was one of the grains of sand irritating us to produce the ‘pearl’ of the Jericho Email Marketing Metrics Report which you can download from our site now.

Read the original 90; 10; 0 post here.  Or, don’t bother – instead we could just go and get a Sharpie and tattoo those numbers on the wall over your desk.  Then everytime someone asks what they mean,we’ll have to ‘fess up what they stand for and remind ourselves that email is the channel with the ROI, the  trackable results, and the resources to ensure we can get better all the time.

I spend my days at Jericho talking about email marketing and telling people you don’t have to start from scratch or throw the baby out with the bathwater.  (You don’t even have to resort to cliches like I just did!)  Evolving your plans won’t ever be done, so why not pick one of the following 5 simple things and make it a part of your repertoire from today.

1 Data: If it isn’t perfect, testing a few key elements makes a big difference to response. For example you can use A/B split testing on a small portion of your database to find out which subject line works better and send the best one to the remainder of your list.

2 Use technology to your advantage: Automate, personalise, segment and target content. For example, get emails triggered from customer lifecycle events. Have the email look as though it is sent from, and signed off by your client’s Account Manager. Recognise and cater to basic differences like gender and region to make your recipient feel special; dynamic content tools make this simple.

3 Social Media and SMS: Use Social media and SMS to extend the reach of your core programs. Fantastic results come from even very simple multi-channel campaigns

  • e.g. Email1: check your letterbox next week
  • DM1: offer arrives in your letterbox
  • Email2: did you get the offer – hurry it’s finishing soon.

4 Interact: Checking and responding to email will continue to be a favourite online activity for all of us, so give your recipients something to get excited about when they do.

5 Aim high: Setting your own benchmarks, monitoring performance and testing new approaches will ensure that your email marketing has the best chance to keep your organisation top of mind and the best choice for your customers and prospects.  For a start, get the Jericho Email Marketing Metrics Report here now and set some goals.

Add, tweak, measure, remove, add… you can’t stop the music so you might as well keep dancing…