Is your email touchable?

These bits and pieces are all gleaned from reading we’ve done this month.  Reading is great but it takes time to then jot down your key points and relay them back in writing – we’re going to try to do more of it  – your comments welcomed.

Are you asking for email registrations everywhere – in the obvious and not so obvious places? Front and centre of your home page like BE IN THE KNOW – in capital letters on - probably one of the most expensive pieces of ecommerce real estate in the western world?  Do you have the whole team involved and do they understand why getting an email address is a key to a customers lifetime value (LTV – all the money they will spend with you over the course of their life!)?

Are your emails touchable? Guess what! I’m reading your email on my iPad. If your calls to action are too small my fingers can’t connect – and I’ll only try a couple of times before I give up and shut you down. The great news is that when you have lots of iPhone and iPad users in your database you can think about using big beautiful images as your call to action again – because i am poking my finger and expecting them to link to the relevant part of your site or your offer.

Is Forward to a Friend dead? In some case you are better to use the prime position in your email design to promote share to social or share with your network (SWYN) than refer or ‘forward to a friend’ – especially if you are sharing a subscription promotion or competition. See our other blog posts about that by clicking the social media topic to the right.

B2B Marketing? Remember much of the basics apply to both B2B and B2C: people like to buy from people they like, we all have a needs hierarchy, we will pay to stop something being a pain, etc. In addition though with B2B it pays to: Think about your audience, Think beyond your product, Think customer lifecycle, Think multichannel, Think quality over quantity.

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    Useful post, pretty much what I was looking for.