Happy Birthday dear Email – 29 today

V A Shiva was 14 years old when he was asked if he’d like to have a go at inventing an inter-office communication method.  He writes beautifully about that journey, and even includes the prerequisite infographic, here in an article called Inventing Email.  If you never click links in blog posts this is the time to start – it’s a great article.  Go have a read.

As I recall, turning 29 was a weird event, kind of a quarter-life-crisis thing and there was a lot of change going on.

Today, email turns 29.  I envisage it at it’s own party, happy but a bit tired of beating off people who claim it’s ‘dead’ every couple of years – killed by spam, mobile and social media… etc.   When it comes to email, there is always a lot of change, and there’s also a lot of the same.

To prove this point, here are the first ever blog posts we did back in 2008 – and we had been working in email marketing for 8 years already by then!   They are pretty similar to the conversations we have each day with our clients today.  What doesn’t change is that great email marketing returns the highest ROI of any other marketing channel, year in, and year out, and that’s why we and our clients love it so much.

Congratulations V A and cheers to you, email, many happy returns from the team @ Jericho.