Topic: Email Examples

It’s great when a brand sends emails that are so true to it’s brand, that you can almost hear them speaking and taste their product through the email.

One such company is Innocent Drinks, who do the cutest emails and has one of the easiest and funniest sign up, welcome and email processes I have come across.

I thought I would start at the beginning and run through the process, first the sign up, then the welcome email then the newsletter, so you can get a sense of the process in order. (Better yet go to their website and sign up if you haven’t already and get a taste of this for yourself!)

Like every good website should, they have a prominent email sign up facility, and it’s humorous, by enticing me with a comfy couch and love and friendship, (But no pocket money)

Sign Up

I sign up, and immediately a note appears in place of the sign up form saying: ”You will shortly receive an email confirming your subscription. By the way, we will never, ever pass your details on to anyone else, but you knew that anyway, didn’t you. Your information will only ever be used to send you what you ask us to send you. If you would like to leave the family, use the unsubscribe button when you next receive an email from us.”

This is a great way to instantly and effectively confirm that I have subscribed, and assure me they won’t share my details with anyone, and let me know I can unsubscribe from ‘the family’ if I want to, however by giving me the option and not feeling locked in, makes me feel safer and makes me never want to leave…. aww.

Sign Up Confirm

That message the disappears after a short time, and they claim back a bit of space on their website,  and I then receive a cute and welcoming welcome email right away. It’s opens with the subject line ‘Welcome to the innocent family’ which gives me warm fuzzies and makes me feel like I am being welcomed into some big friendly and exclusive family.

I also love that the call to actions point to the ‘ceiling’ and the ‘moon’ and the ‘grass’ and the email includes a polar bear in a snowstorm! Can you see him?


Welcome Email

Click on the image to see the full email

After you have digested the entrée welcome email and clicked on all those links and seen where they all go, it’s time to wait for the main course of the email newsletter to arrive into your inbox. And there are many delicious ingredients!

Innocent Drinks

Click on the image to see the full email

Overall I love the use of creative copy and the tone of their brand language in the emails. For example, in the pre-header,  instead of saying ‘click here to view online’ they say ‘If this email looks a bit weird just click here to see it look not so weird’. I also really like the fact they have included a ‘sale’ star in the header that let’s you know the email is free! (Woo!) I know we all know emails are free but something about putting that star there telling me it’s free makes it feel even more like a bonus and my brain is thinking it’s getting a great deal!

There is strong brand consistency between the email and the website, with the same font, logo, colours, so when I do click any of the call to action links from the email to the website, it feels like the same environment.

The content of the email is fun, engaging, has a good mix of bright colours, white space, company news, human interest stories, and fun links to click on, and best of all, in their footer, they say “call us on the banana phone

These guys are really engaging, provide a seamless experience between email, website and social media, they use clever copy, great design and interesting content to deliver fun, fresh and funky emails, and in my eyes they are doing everything right.

Dr Libby sent this very cute and very timely Halloween email which I wanted to share with you …

Dr Libby Email

Click on the image to see the full email

I liked this email not just because of the very cute pumkin that greets me when I open the email, but also because of the call to action – when you click on the trick or treat buttons at the bottom, the buttons direct you to a webpage where it’s either trick! or treat!

This promotes Dr Libby and generates leads to her content and is relevant because its seasonal and is totally fun!

What Halloween emails did you receive that stood out for you?

How do I love this Upworthy email? Let me count thy ways.


Click on the image to see the full Upworthy email

I love it because it starts with ‘Well, hello there! How do you feel? Because you look great!’ And really who wouldn’t love that.

I love it because the subject line is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen besides being the optimum word limit for subject lines, it is unique and attention grabbing which is the whole point. It says: Welcome To The Upworthiest. Turn On Your Images And Buckle Your Seatbelt!

I love it because the pre-header which besides being a best practice feature is very chatty and friendly and encourages replies and interaction:  Want to say hi back? Reply to this message!

I love it because the content of the email uses humour to set the expectations about what you can expect in future Upworthy emails, it points you to some of the best content on their website to immediately engage you on their site.

I love it because the call to action is big and bold and direct and potentially cheeky but effective and says ‘Want more? We got more. You’ll just have to keep opening our emails!’

I love it because the sign off says ‘Love from all of us at Upworthy’ in big bold letters – so it is both friendly and really obvious who it is.

I love it because of the awesome copy in the footer, which reminds people where and how they signed up for these emails, using visual cues to jog peoples memories, which is in the past, (Because people do forget) they then introduce the welcome email which they are reading, which is in the present, then get the subscriber looking forward to future emails, using humour and emotional appeals, which is in the future, (Because who doesn’t love getting stuff that makes them laugh and cry and share great content) and it ends brilliantly with an obscure question that really gets you thinking, and which got me imaging how much fun the copywriter and designer had making this email and writing the copy, because it is just so brilliant.

I received an email from Taptastic the other day with the cutest subject line I’ve ever seen to date…

I had many unread emails in my inbox yet this one stood out like a sore thumb… in a good way… and I wanted to share it with you.

Behold, the subject line in all it’s cute attention getting glory:

There has been much talk about using symbols in subject lines - and we even blog about it - what are some of the best examples you have seen? Share them with us!


Alpha Recruitment sent an attention grabbing email recently saying ‘Keep Calm and Like our Facebook Page’ and it certainly got my attention!

They sent this solus email out saying that since they have won their category in the SEEK Sara’s awards so many times they are not in the running this year, however you can still show that you back them by going and liking their Facebook page.

The email is really just one big Like button with the call to action front and centre, with just a brief amount of clear concise copy which explains what the email is about but keeps the focus on the visual call to action. A great feature of the email is their play on the ‘keep calm’ slogan and the Facebook colour scheme which I’m really liking, and all these factors come together seamlessly to create a simple campaign that really stands out.

Click the image below to see the full email:


This email puts much more into the email marketing efforts of Muchmore Music than just the same ol’ same ol’. 

Muchmore Music sent out this re-activation campaign to their subscribers asking if they still wanted to be on their database. Why? Because they noticed that some of the subscribers hadn’t opened their email for the last three email campaigns.

For many of you I think it would be fair to say you may analyse inactive subscribers once every six month’s or perhaps once a month. Have you ever analysed the reports for inactive or unengaged subscribers after just 3 sends?

It is a wise email marketer who asks their audience what their preferences are, if they actually want to be on your database, and regularly running re-engagement campaigns are a key part of any self respecting email comms programme.


If you would like to read more about re-engagement here are some of our key blog posts on the subject which should give you some ideas.

Engagement – why it’s important

Creating engagement with birthday and preference emails

Ask your subscribers what they want by doing a survey

Or you can always talk to us :)


Vroom Vroom!! The copy in this email is certainly a lot better than the headline of this post anyway.

I read something the other day that said if you are not cracking up laughing when you read your email, it’s too dry and it’s probably got too much marketing speak in it.

Well this email does the best job I have ever seen of doing exactly the opposite. The email is humorous, personable, dobs in the company bosses, claims Chuck Norris built their mobile app and offers support for Facebook addicts via their Facebook page. Well they had me at hello – I personally don’t know this company but their email has made me laugh and I now want to download their app and like them on Facebook.

To see the full version of their email click the image below and enjoy this fantastic copy for yourself.



What do you think of this email? And have you seen any better copy examples?

This month’s email makeover from the expert team at Jericho is…  Grabaseat!

Click the image below to check out the ‘before’ email:


Click on the image below to check out the ‘after’ email:

What do you think of our Grabaseat email makeover?

Firefox usually has a fairly blank home page, however at the moment they are using it to promote their own newsletter…

Underneath the main Google search box they have included a sentence saying “Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get the latest on your favorite browser

We think their newsletter sign up form is a nice example of how to tell subscribers at the time of signing up, what they will send, how often, and providing a clear privacy policy, and including a few preferences such as text or HTML and country.

We then thought perhaps they have the power to read our IP address and show New Zealand as the default location…it would save us a click anyway.

Click the images above to view the full sized version of these screenshots – then let us know what you think!

As a follow up to our previous post about the mobile optimised email by Foodily, We bring you part #2 which is featuring….

Last Minute is a travel deal site that gives you access to last minute deals, cheap hotels, and so on.

Check out the beautiful desktop version of the email below.  Click the preview below to see the full email.

For comparison, let’s look at the mobile optimised version below. The responsive design means that it automatically adjusts to my mobile screen, the design elements move around, it has simpler content with easily clickable elements.
The differences between the desktop version to the mobile are, the header only shows only the left portion of the image.

Moving down the email, we see the intro automatically adjust to the space, and the call to action buttons form a stack, where they move and align themselves one on top of the other.

Moving down, the next section is the blog, and again we see the content adjust to one column wide and ‘stack’ itself up so the right hand half of the content moves so it is under the main image.

Finally the footer of the email – the buttons move from being 4 buttons wide and 2 high to being 4 high and 2 wide. Followed by easily clickable social media links.

What do you think of Last Minute’s email?  Do you receive this email? Love to hear your thoughts!