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We thought we would start the year off on a fun note, so here are some fascinating facts about email for you….

1. According to Google Trends, email is more popular than Elvis, the Beatles, chocolate, beer, Justin Bieber and Harry Potter…

2. If you printed out each non-spam email sent in the world on a single piece of standard A4 copy paper:

- One day’s worth of emails would produce a stack of paper 2,159 times taller than Mt. Everest

- It would take just over 20 days for the stack to reach the moon

- In just under 2 hours, you would have enough paper to cover the continental USA

- Around 4 days later, you could cover the earth’s entire surface area

3. If email accounts were people, the email population would be:

- 2.3 times the size of China

- 9.9 times the size of the USA

- 38 times the size of Germany

And finally…

247 billion emails are sent each day. That’s one email every 0.00000035 seconds…

We have updated our post from Sept 2011 on New Zealand Smartphone Penetration statistics. Head back to that updated post to see who has what in their back pocket. How many kiwi’s are using smartphones? How much? How often? We’ve got it.  Click here to view all of the mobile stats we found last year and the new ones too.


You know you’ve done too much email marketing if…

From the  2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report

  • you don’t end friendships or love affairs…you “opt-out” of them
  • you can’t read any text wider than about 600 pixels
  • you can think of 17 different ways to describe something as free without actually using the word “free”
  • the shopping list you give your spouse has all the important items squeezed into the top left-hand corner of the piece of paper
  • you look for the unsubscribe link in direct mail
  • you reject birthday cards that don’t have the postal address of the sender printed on the reverse of the envelope
  • your signature on checks includes your job title, address, phone number, fax number and website address
  • you delete people from your address book if they fail to return your phone calls three times in a row
  • when people accept your dinner invitations, you send out another invitation asking if they’re sure
  • the photos in your wedding album don’t have labels…they have alt tags
  • you send everyone two Christmas cards…one text-only, the other with images and colors

The team at Jericho hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break,  and we welcome you back to the world of email marketing.