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We’ve written about Birthday emails before because we know how cost effective and powerful they can be in your program.

A new article on Birthdays by one of the world’s most experienced email experts, inspired a little more research.  One of the articles I found featured this comment left by a reader:

“I love birthday emails! In fact, a smart way for clothing stores to win my business every January (my birthday) is to send me a coupon or a message to come shop. It is the one time of year that I enjoy spending a lot of cash.”

This is exactly my point, and so here we are.  The comment has inspired me to provide links to the two best articles I found by other people on this subject, and also link to the three posts I have written on this topic, to make it easy for you to find all the information you might need on this subject, in one place.

1. Marketing Profs feature this article ‘Birthday, Anniversary emails generate more revenue’. Click to read this great post.

Key points: Open rates for birthday mailings were over three times higher than for mass-promotion mailings sent to the same clients.  And transaction rates for birthday campaigns were nearly five times higher than standard bulk campaigns. It’s worth looking at automating these to send daily – daily and weekly birthday mailings pulled roughly 40% more transactions than those deployed monthly.

2. Email expert Jeanne Jennings wrote the post called ‘Creating Effective Profitable Birthday Emails‘.  She has a lot of examples and also dissects which ones work and why, and how to improve your own Birthday Emails.  Click to read this post.

Key points: This is actually the final of three columns Jeanne writes about Birthday emails.  She looks at content, she looks at offers and profitability, and lastly says, in the wrap-up “So, after reading these three columns, do you have some ideas for making your birthday email program more effective and profitable? I hope so!”  I would say you will!

3. Jericho blog post about why Birthday Emails are a great opportunity Happy Birthday to meee…..

Key Points: “As each year ticks by most humans find that our birthdays are less and less special.  We’re very mature about it but, on the inside we dont feel like that’s very fair.”  Birthday emails give the chance to make money and keep your clients happy – win-win!

4. Our second blog post on birthdays – anticipating what emails we might receive for the upcoming big day. It’s not my birthday – An Update

5. The jericho blog wrap up of which emails were received and what they looked like.  Quick Results – Who used my birthday?

Key points: The first email I received is personalised in great detail, focuses on the fact that birthdays are a good time to review and set goals, and he reminds me that I haven’t re-registered…. The second is beautifully designed, offers 15% off my next purchase, but still has room for improvement…

UPDATE June 29th 11 – a new post arrived on the scene via Responsys – They said it’s my birthday “My birthday was Sunday June 12th, and like any good little email geek I got excited about opening cards, presents, and of course – emails! This year my birthday inbox did not disappoint, as I found myself showered with all kinds of virtual gifts……”

If you need help to design and implement an automated Birthday or Anniversary email marketing program, ask us.