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GOOP, I love you.

I like your tone, and I like seeing your garden. I like your range of content, the gentleness with which you manage it.

I like that you get drunk and forget all about the pizza in the oven.

If you are into spying like I am, then sign up for GOOP’s weekly newsletter.  There is a lot to learn from this great example of email marketing. It breaks lots of rules.  E.g. It’s too long.  It’s a bit random. It’s personal. And it does it with aplomb.

How could it improve? Add Share to Social links in each email so I can spread your goodness.  Put your logo on the top of the newsletter so I can get back to your site easily.  Cross reference from one issue to another to remind me that there is a lot of great content that came before.  And add search to your site so that I can find more recipes, or more great shops.

To see the result of G’s pizza incident – and her recipes for pizza in the garden see this one.

Do you have any favourite emails?  Tell me…

Convincing people to share your news/offers/brands with other people is most likely one of your marketing goals in 2011.  If only because extending the reach of a campaign gets you greater results for the same spend.

Combining email marketing and social media to achieve that is becoming very important – but perhaps it’s no shock that email is key; around two and half times more people share using email than social media.

A new report by AOL and published in partnership with Nielsen, proves what people share, where they share it, and why. Sharing content is the number one driver for sharing both with email and social media.

Brand plays a critical role.  If you need a reason to invest more branding budget in your email and social, here it is:  Nielsen reports that brands play a key role: 60% of all content-sharing messages specifically mention a brand or product name.  That makes sense when you see the reasons people share – they want to share trusted information.

Consumers say trust and a desire to help people are key factors in deciding which content to share:
38% share information from people they trust.
36% share important information that helps others (e.g., traffic reports, how-to, community information).
35% share items about popular culture.
32% share information pertaining to common interests.

Email is the primary content-sharing tool among surveyed consumers (66%), followed social media (28%) and instant messaging (4%). Most People Share via Multiple Platforms.  And, 99% people who share content via social media also use email to share content.   It’s a great report – you can read AOL’s release here.  And Marketing Profs dissect it more, and provide graphs here.

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About the study: Findings are based on Nielsen’s NM Incite Social Media Monitoring tools, Online Behavior Panel and Attitudinal analysis, tracking more than 10,000 social media messages; and on a survey of more than 1,000 Nielsen Online panel members for 10 consecutive days, December 14-23, 2010