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Email Marketing is like sex. You don’t know you’re doing it wrong til you try something else and get better results.

Email Marketing is like a fire hose. If you turn it on full blast, your customers can’t drink from it.

Email marketing is like TV – we keep coming back to our favourite channel.

See this and other gems contributed via Twitter at Retail Email Blog.

Email marketing isn’t like getting married in Vegas – read that on Media Post

We use Facebook, email, and twitter in our daily lives, and we know how important they are – to us!

But it’s good to remember that ‘you’ is not a reliable market research sample!  You need facts about social media in New Zealand to develop your own business case.

Simon Young from iJump and Jesssica from Perceptive have gathered the best of NZ’s 2010 social media research together into one outstanding blog post…

They look at YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Bebo and MySpace to see who is using what social media in New ZealandSocial media in New Zealand is the elephant in the rear view mirror – ignore it and be trampled!

Their conclusions:

  • Social media in New Zealand is mainstream.
  • Businesses are active in social media and consumers are welcoming their presence.
  • The best engagement is done on the customer’s terms

Read it here, at and take lots of notes for you own business case for social media investment.

The 2010 Email Marketing Metrics Report that is chock full of Email Marketing Stats in NZ – it’s the first and only report if its kind in New Zealand Emarketing, so go and find it here.

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Need a robust, experienced, trusted email marketing team on your side to help you get email design and delivery right, no matter where you are in the world?

I got an email this morning and checked the links at the bottom… and found this gem…

“To unsubscribe from our mailing list, just send us a reply with the subject: UNSUBSCRIBE
Make sure you reply from the same address that we have in our system, especially if you’ve already unsubbed & are still recieving the messages. Make sure to include a list of all the alternate e-mail accounts linked to your inbox too, so we can remove all of them; as opposed to sending us legal threats and hate-mail because you don’t know how to use your computer properly.”

We get this quite a lot too, which is why we recommend merging the email address into the email like this: “you are subscribed as”

Also, we display a similar message when you click the unsubscribe button to confirm which email address you are unsubscribing.

When you have a few email addresses it’s easy to genuinely forget which one you subscribe things from. You might even be getting an email meant for someone else entirely, such as an ex colleague.

Have you had any issues with unsubscribes? Love to hear them.

I received an interesting email that had this footer on it:They thought to integrate the email with social media, so I clicked through to their Facebook page.  There was nothing about the brand that made me feel like joining or following them, so I didn’t. I clicked, I looked, and I reached a cul-de-sac – a no-exit, in direct marketing terms.

What about if they had instead given me a link to ‘Share this’.  I’ve talked about this in an earlier post.  Rather than only ask someone who is already on your database to follow or fan you, why not ask them to share your email content – especially special offers and competitions with a clear viral element – to THEIR network instead.  That way you get in front of the eyeballs they would probably not give to you any other way.  It’s like they’ve invited you into their workplace, school, sports ground – you have the grandstand to make your case, with the recommendation of your customer.  Amazing.  If your offer is attractive and relevant to the original recipient, you should appeal to their friends, friends of friends, and grow your brand and database…

So, choosing from join/follow to share/shout – think carefully before you ask for the action so you ask… for the right thing on the right day with the right content.  If you can only have one thing today, do you want them to join you, share you, recommend you, or follow you?

Streams of automated email timed just right to maximise revenue is a kind of nirvana for the ecommerce marketer.

But it’s not easy to get right.  Sometimes simple is safer, but the drive to optimise each customer experience keeps on keeping on. Clearly, the Brads have struck this – prompting 30 frames of genius. This is frame 1 of a great cartoon that sums up the scenario better than anything I could write… click through and have a giggle, your thoughts on this dilemma are welcomed.