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After the AMEX card number blunder back in April, I was pleased to get another email two months later to see how progress in their emarketing program was coming along.  But what caught my eye first off wasn’t the copy or design .  I noted that they had used my name not the ‘cardmember’ I was called last time which is great.  And, I was delighted and amazed to see that I had a rewards points balance that would let me travel the world as much as I wanted – over 4 million points!

I thought I would keep quiet and see what happened next.

This is what happened next – to be precise, 24 hours later I received this one:

That’s a bit of a come down. And it’s about as impersonal as you could get. Here’s what I would have said:

Hi Roanne

Yesterday, we sent you an email that showed you an incorrect points balance.  This was a technical error, and no doubt left you a little confused.  We are really grateful to the people who took the time to let us know about this error so that we could fix it as quickly as possible.

Your correct points balance as at 1 May 2010 was 2472, and you’ll be able to view that and consider redeeming these point on some great rewards in our Membership Rewards® Favourite Things catalogue.

We know that you have been with us since 1999, we really value your loyalty and we apologise for this error and any confusion this may have caused.

Yours sincerely….

I always advise clients that when you make an error, it’s the time to work very hard on mitigating any damage by drawing your client closer than ever, showing them you do know them after all.  Am I being picky?  What do you think?

UPDATE: can you believe AMEX”s NEXT campaign was also a bit of a stuff up?  Here it is.