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Over the last decade email has come to replace many forms of traditional communication. More and more of the same old messages you are used to are being delivered online.  This concept should be familiar to anyone who has received a newsletter or an air-miles statement in their inbox.

jericho’s business is email design and delivery management. Using our online tools our clients can deploy anything from simple email marketing messages to transactional activity such as billing and account statements.  

As long as you have consent to email your database you can send just one email, or millions, at one time.  By delivering this personalised, branded, tracked and reported information via email, we significantly reduce printing, postage and copying for our clients.  But more relevant to the current zeitgeist is the green cost of all this activity.

If you think of all the steps in normal media delivery – printing, posting, delivering, opening, filing, dumping and even recycling – you will appreciate that they consume vast amounts of energy. This has a cost that can be calculated to assess the impact they have on the organisation, its customer, and the planet.

As an example in the first instance, let’s look more closely at just one of these impacts – conserving paper.

In the first quarter of 2009 Smartmail clients sent in excess of 8 million emails per month.  Given that each email has an average size equivalent to two A4 pages, this is 16,000,000 pages of content per month.

Assuming these emails are not printed by their recipients, it’s possible to calculate how may trees are saved each month when using email.

There are 500 pages in a ream of paper, so that’s 32,000 reams per month not used.  Each ream requires 3.6 kg of wood and as an average tree weighs 680 kg*, jericho’s clients are saving 170 trees per month! 

That paper consumes trees is pretty well known – but you may not know that the pulp and paper industry is the single largest industrial consumer of water in OECD countries.  It is the third largest industrial greenhouse gas emitter, after the chemical and steel industries.**

Smartmail users are saving tens of thousands of litres of water every year.

This could all just be a raindrop in the ocean, but in a world where billions of tonnes of waste is generated annually, you can feel a lot better about yourselves.

So, as a leading email marketing services company who works with over 600 client organisations, we can pat ourselves on the back. And you can feel pretty good that while you have chosen to get the best of services from us, you are doing your part to save the planet too.

It’s nice doing business with smart companies, and we are proud if that includes you.

**OECD Environmental Outlook, p. 218