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Marketers are looking hard at what they spend their budgets on as belts are tightened across the board, and digital media with it’s clearer picture of your ROI (or not) pleases the CEO as well as the CFO…

According to Sherpa, brand tactics suffer – as this chart shows clearly. Branding campaigns are for the good times, it seems marketers think, and for now we’ll hunker down and make some good old-fashioned sales!

We hope that these marketers planning on cashing in on the ROI that email delivers so obediently do it smart. Flooding inboxes with untargeted offers on the cheap has obvious risks for all of us fighting for the click.

Couple that with trying to skimp on the email smarts that do cost you money – great strategy, clever life-cycle campaigns, deliverability management and show-stopper creative design …. When it all comes around again, you risk a ‘burnt’ database and you’ll be far far away behind competitors who have actually got email marketing as a line item in their marketing budget and a planned channel in their marketing plan!